Aeration: What does it do and when should I do it?


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Over time a lawn’s soil tends to get hard and compacted.  This makes it hard for the grass roots to push their way through the soil.  Roots also need oxygen just like we do – a healthy lawn soil has plenty of air pockets for roots to breath.  Those air pockets also allow water to move deeply into the soil.  A highly compacted soil will shed more water than it absorbs – all that sprinkler water just running into storm drains.

Aeration involves pulling small plugs out of the soil.  It helps to loosen compacted soils and allows the soil to absorb air and water for the grass roots. It has the added benefit of loosening thick layers of thatch that can build up in lawns. If you have heavy foot traffic or large equipment on your lawn it’s a good idea to aerate every 1-2 years.  If your lawn doesn’t get much traffic then you can typically go every 3-5 years.  Your lawn will thank you!

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