Dethatching: What is it and is it necessary?


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Thatch is a layer of dead plant material that forms over time in your lawn.  A certain amount of thatch is healthy because it helps add organic matter to the soil over time.  However, sometimes the thatch doesn’t break down quickly enough and it can keep water and air from reaching the soil.  A thick layer of thatch can also harbor problematic fungi or attract lawn pests.

If you notice that your lawn doesn’t look healthy take a closer look at the thatch layer.  If it’s over half an inch thick then it’s time to do something.

You have two good options: dethatching or aeration.

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 Rake, illustration

Dethatching can be done by hand with a convex rake – I’d only use this method on a very small patch of turf. You’ll get plenty of exercise!

Mostly commonly, we use a power rake to comb the thatch out from your grass.  This is much faster!

Dethatching should be done when your grass is growing vigorously – don’t try it with stressed grass!  Ideally that would be in the spring or fall.

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