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Is your mulch starting to look a little faded or washed out?  Are a lot of weeds starting to pop up? Then it might be time to get that mulch refreshed! Mulch refreshing is a simple way to give your yard a brand new look.

You’d be surprised how big a difference mulch makes – take a look at these Before and Afters:


Calabria, mulch refreshing, old mulch 






Calabria, mulch refreshing, new mulch



Before mulch refreshingAfter:

After mulch refreshingBefore:

Before weeding and mulch refreshingAfter:

After weeding and mulch refreshing

Your first step should be to determine the depth of mulch you need to lay down.

If the only thing wrong with your mulch is the faded color then all you’ll need to do is cover the area with 1 inch of fresh mulch.

If, however, you are also seeing a number of weeds pushing through your old layer of mulch or if you notice that your mulch is getting thin in some areas then you’ll need to cover your gardens with 2 inches of fresh mulch.

Your second step is to calculate the amount of mulch you need. You’ll need to get the square footage of your garden area.

To get this, use a tape measure or measure wheel to get the length and width of the space.  Multiply the length and width to get the area in square feet.

Example: a 20 x 12 garden has an area of 240 square feet.

Next you need to find out how much mulch it will take to fill that area to your desired depth.

You could use an equation for this part but I typically prefer to cheat by using an online mulch calculator like this one.

Example: to cover a garden with an area of 240 square feet with 1 inch of mulch would need about 0.75 cubic yards (or 10 2-cubic-foot bags).  To cover that same garden with 2 inches of mulch you would need about 1.5 cubic yards (or 20 bags).

Your third step is to spread the mulch.  That means wheelbarrows, hard rakes, and sweat or… you could call Peterson Lawn for help!  Until then, happy gardening!

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