5 Tips on how to get the best lawn mowing price in 2016

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At Peterson Lawn Services, we want you to be so happy with our service that you keep referring us to all of your friends and neighbors. In fact, we are willing to share some of our secrets with you on how you can get a cheaper mowing price. Here are 5 ways you can get a lower weekly mowing price from our company:

1) Encourage neighbors on your street to sign up for weekly mowing. When your neighbors do sign up, make sure that we are aware of it. Typically, if we are mowing more than one home on the same street we can offer you a reduced price.

2) Opt for a mowing day earlier in the week. Everyone wants their lawn to be mowed on Friday. Friday is the most requested day of the week. By Friday lawn crews are typically working on overtime and so pricing will be less flexible as the cost to do business is higher. However, if you are a Friday customer who is OK with a Monday or a Tuesday mow, you may be able to negotiate a lower rate.

3) Pay for the entire mowing season up front. This is not a program we offer as a company, but occasionally customers will ask about paying for the entire mowing season in advance. Customers who request this option can also typically get a slight discount on their services.

4) Opt for a riding mow instead of a push mow. Push mowing takes more time and is more labor intensive. If you are currently requesting a push mow service you should ask our office about switching to a riding mow service. If we are able to use the riding mowers on your property, you may notice a considerable drop in price.

5) Mow without bagging. Our typical mowing service does NOT include bagging grass clippings. Instead, what we do is similar to many other companies. After our crews mow, they use commercial backpack leaf blowers to blow all of the clippings down into the bed and off of walkways, driveways, etc. If you are currently having your clippings bagged each week did you know that your mow price is higher because this service takes more time? Not only does each bag of grass cost money to dispose of, but the process of setting up and taking down the bagging equipment adds labor.


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