How to take care of snow mold


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Snow mold is a fungal turf disease that appears early in the spring as the snow begins to melt. Snow mold can appear pink or gray and it can make your lawn look just plain yucky.

There is typically no permanent damage caused by snow mold, but affected areas will take longer to “green up” and grow new grass. To help the turf grow in these areas, you can gently rake them to remove any dead material that has built up.

A spring clean up is a great way to remove any excess thatch from the lawn and help clear up dead material that bogs down the growth of new grass. If you don’t have time to do a spring clean up yourself, call our office to schedule one today. Typically, we begin our spring clean up services in early to mid-April before the mowing season begins. You can schedule by calling: 952-252-3301

Thinking ahead to next season, here are some preventative tips for how to protect against future snow mold, from the turf experts at the University of Minnesota:

  • Avoid excessive applications of nitrogen fertilizer in the fall.
  • Continue to mow the lawn at the recommended height until it is no longer actively growing. The taller the grass, the more likely it will mat down and encourage snow mold development.
  • Rake up leaves in the fall.
  • Manage the thatch layer to avoid accumulations of more than ½ inch.
  • Spread out large snow piles to encourage rapid melting. Use snow fencing to minimize snow accumulation in problem spots.


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