Welcome to the 2016 Lawn Season!


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Weekly lawn mowing has officially started and if you are anything like us you are rejoicing over the change of seasons. If this warmer weather has got you thinking about all of your landscaping plans for the season, but you aren’t sure which project to tackle first, our service list may be able to help point you in the right direction.

Have you ever wondered which services happen during which month? For example, when is the best time to trim lilacs? When is a better time to aerate, spring or fall?

Here is a list of the services we will be offering this season along with our recommendations for what is the optimum time of year for each service to be completed. If you would like pricing for any of these options, please send us an inquiry to: info@petersonlawn.com


¨  Spring Clean Ups begin

¨  Schedule Irrigation Spring Startup

¨  Early Spring Fertilizer/Weedspray Application


¨  Mowing season begins

¨  Schedule free landscaping consultation

¨  Install spring landscape pots

¨  Re-seed sparse areas of turf

¨  1st and 2nd Organic Weed Control Application


¨  Schedule garden maintenance

¨  Late Spring Fertilizer/Weedspray Application

¨  3rd Organic Weed Control Application


¨  Schedule trimming of arborvitae throughout the season

¨  Early Summer Fertilizer/Weedspray Application

¨  Summer Fertilizer/Weedspray Application


¨  Schedule trimming of plants that have already bloomed for the season (i.e. weigela, lilacs, spirea)

¨  4th Organic Weed Control Application


¨  Aerate your lawn to prevent soil compacting and promote root growth

¨  Sign up for buckthorn removal and other shrub trimming as needed

¨  Fall Fertilizer/Weedspray Application

¨  5th and 6th Organic Weed Control Application


¨  Mowing season ends mid-month (subject to weather)

¨  Fall Clean Ups begin

¨  Install fall landscape pots

¨  Schedule Irrigation Fall Blowout


¨  Fall Clean Ups continue, weather dependent

¨  Install winter landscape pots

¨  Spread the news to your friends and neighbors about the excellent work of Peterson Lawn. If you refer somebody for mowing, you both get a discount!


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