Is your turf looking bogged down by a mat of dead grass? This dead layer is called “thatch” and it can actually choke your lawn. Some thatch can be beneficial to your lawn, but too much can prevent nutrients and water from getting to the roots of your lawn. Thatch, which lies on the turf like a giant mat of dead twigs, grass, stems and roots, weighs down your turf and makes it difficult for new grass to grow. Our power raking service will remove thatch from your lawn so that all you will see is lush, green grass instead of a giant blanket of dead stuff.

It is best to power rake (or de-thatch) during the growing season. At Peterson Lawn, dethatching comes standard with our spring clean up and our fall clean up.

If you are having your lawn dethatched, we recommend following this service with core aeration. Core aeration removes plugs of soil from your lawn to help nutrients reach your lawn more easily, giving you a healthier looking lawn.