When fall leaves are on the trees...

they add vibrancy and color to the streets of Minnesota. When those leaves fall onto your lawn, however, they aren’t so lovely any more. They’re brown and crumbly and they can make your yard look messy. Cleaning up all of those leaves can be a lot of work. Even if you mow your own lawn, taking advantage of a fall clean up service is worth the investment.

Our fall clean up service will make your yard look great and prepare your turf for the long Minnesota winter. Our crews will power-rake your lawn and remove all of the leaves from the turf and landscape areas using a combination of blowing, raking and bagging.

To assist in positive environmental stewardship, we highly encourage organic leaf composting, post fall clean up. Composting your leaves will create a dark, earthy matter that will add immeasurable nutrients to your garden soil. This composted material will retain moisture and repel weeds when used in your garden. If you have a wooded area or designated portion of your property for composted material, we will dispose of your leaf clean up in this location.

We will offer leaf disposal off your property for an additional fee.

Fall clean ups are completed during the end of October and beginning of November.

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