Our Fertilizer and Weed Control Program can...

Can give your lawn a leg up all season long. Fertilization benefits your lawn by building disease resistance in the grass, reducing weed growth, and creating thick grass to help eliminate soil runoff, thereby protecting the soil. In early and late spring we apply a slow-release fertilizer to all turf areas to help your lawn green get going for the year.  In early summer we apply premium fertilizer so you can enjoy the deep color and thick growth of healthy grass. We use the highest quality fertilizer and weed control products available in multiple varieties of applications, depending upon your needs. We also offer Organic Fertilizer, which is available as strictly organic, or modified organic.

Healthy grass is also more resistant to disease and drought.  In the height of summer we apply a slow-release fertilizer to help the grass keep growing strong. And when the cool of fall arrives we have one last application of slow-release fertilizer to promote good root growth before winter.

In the early and late spring we apply a crabgrass pre-emergent that keeps that problem weed from growing from its seeds. In summer and fall we spot spray for crabgrass, sedges, and other summer weeds.

We have partnered with Ideal Mosquito Control in Zimmerman, MN to offer a time tested, all natural, garlic-based solution that uses a sulfurous odor to eliminate and prevent mosquitos and ticks. This will not hard any pets, kids, nor any important pollinator insects.

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